The term Digital Anthropocene was created by Art Blue aka Reiner Schneeberger and first used in a contribution by the German artist Art Eames aka Daniel Jung for the 2016 EIB Artist in Resident program “The Imprint of Mankind“. By doing so another time stamp was added in human history. The Anthropocene starting about 1950 and the Digital Anthropocene in 2017, the year where The Gods of Informatics have been published. There is no need to discuss the time stamp 2017 as the book was meant to be published in 2037 at a time when virtual and real became indistinguishable. Proof for this is given in the book Not Sand, Not Sound that traveler 3326 published in 2017 on order of “The Director” ~ see episode Traveler Helios 685 aired on Netflix.

2017 is the earliest time frame to travel back from the future. The society must have reached the ability for quantum computing. This was reached in 2017.

This is the a part of the chapter LEVEL 3, taken from Not Sand, Not Sound:

“Computers will handle code faster than light. That is no longer fiction. The University of Vienna managed with an international team formed a quantum entangled communication between the Canary Islands of La Palma and Tenerife, both islands are separated by 143 kilometers.”

That is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. The Chinese took the ball and managed in August 2016 to establish a quantum communication between earth and a satellite they shot into the orbit, named Micius. [ … ]